Emma – by Jane Austen [Vol. II] Compiled by Molland’s Circulating Library

Volume II

Chapter I (19) – Emma and Harriet call on Mrs. and Miss Bates, who have a letter from Jane Fairfax, though it is not her day for writing

Chapter II (20) – The history of Jane Fairfax, who is acquainted with Frank Churchill
Chapter III (21) – Mr. Elton is engaged; Harriet runs into Mr. Martin at Ford’s
Chapter IV (22) – Mr. Elton returns to Highbury with news of his intended bride
Chapter V (23) – Harriet calls on the Martins; Frank Churchill finally shows up
Chapter VI (24) – Emma and Frank get on very well together, and discuss Jane Fairfax
Chapter VII (25) – Frank goes to London to get his hair cut; there is to be an evening-party at the Coles’
Chapter VIII (26) – The party at the Coles’; Miss Fairfax receives a pianoforte
Chapter IX (27) – Emma and Harriet hash over the party and run into Miss Bates and Mrs. Weston
Chapter X (28) – Everybody goes to Bates’
Chapter XI (29) – Mrs. Weston wishes to give a ball
Chapter XII (30) – Frank’s aunt falls ill, and the ball is postponed
Chapter XIII (31) – Emma’s got a crush!
Chapter XIV (32) – Mr. Elton brings his bride home; Emma finds her elegantly dressed
Chapter XV (33) – Mrs. Elton makes Jane her project; Emma and Mrs. Weston discuss Mr. Knightley’s matrimonial prospects
Chapter XVI (34) – Emma gives a dinner for the newlyweds at Hartfield
Chapter XVII (35) – Mrs. Elton wants to find a proper situation for Jane
Chapter XVIII (36) – Frank Churchill’s spring plans.

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