My name is Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin-D’Arcy. I grew up in St. Vincent’s Industrial *School*, Goldenbridge, Inchicore, Dublin 8, Ireland, during the wrong end of the fifties and sixties. It was run by the Sisters of Mercy. I am currently in adult literacy education because of having received only a minuscule amount of education during illegal incarceration period at Goldenbridge.

For further information pertaining to Goldenbridge – which was kindly edited by my tutor/editor Ophelia Benson – please click on following link:


See also:

The Ryan/Laffoy Report

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Goldenbridge Industrial School, Inchicore, Dublin 8, Ireland by Goldenbridgeinmate39 

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Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse | Volume IV – Chapter 3

Goldenbridge Industrial ‘School’ Inchicore, …

*School* was a euphemism for child-prison.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Marie-Thérese,

    I met you on Church Street yesterday when I stopped to take a photo of a billboard. I had a good look at your blog and think it’s great work – keep it up!


  2. Hi Marie-Thérese, Just found your site, and saw the name Enniscorthy. I was boarded out there for 10 long years. I’m trying to get the redress board to pay for my education, but it’s been going on for over a year and I haven’t gotten very far.

  3. Not at all. You’re welcome. I’m all the time getting photos from other sources.

    I was taking photos and amateur video-shots in the same spot, and had two Gardai on bike control questioning me, as to why I was taking same. I pointed out the exquisite architecture of the library, and the exciting sound of the soprano voice that could be clearly heard from a top open window. (I’d stopped to enjoy the natural wonders.) They didn’t know where to put their faces. It was at the time of the Royal visit to Ireland, and some people like me with cameras were thus seen as shady characters.

    • Hi Marie-Therese, do you have any recollection of a nun named Sister Jane, I believe she taught in Goldenbridge? Many thanks in advance.

  4. Hello Marie Therese, Saw your posts and remember your long difficult vigil at Leinster House. Delighted to hear that you now have the opportunity of getting the education you were denied in the notorious institution of Goldenbridge. All best wishes for the future, Marie

  5. Hi Marie Therese, we emailed quite some time ago about relations in Castlewarren. Can you email me privately, I’m in Dublin researching. Many thanks Jenny

  6. Hello Jenny,

    Yes – I do remember you contacting me from Australia about Castlewarren relations. Yes, I’ll surely e-mail you privately. I will charge up my mobile phone, and if you so wish you can give me a buzz. I shall return your call. Mobile number: 086 7319201

    Incidentally, I recently put up (again) Census forms pertaining to 1901-11 which gives great details about the Loughlin / O’Loughlin clan related to me.

    Michael and Elizabeth [Lil] Kinsella, twin cousins are residing at the grandfather’s farmstead in Castlewarren. Lil ran a tiny post-office outlet from the home-place, the last time I heard, whilst Michael ran the farm. I don’t know if the P/O still exists, as rural post-offices were being dispensed with many years ago.

    I hope you enjoy your stay in Ireland! Good luck with your research.

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