Emma – by Jane Austen [Vol. III] Compiled by Mollands Circulating Library

Volume III

Chapter I (37) – The plans for the ball at the Crown are revived

Chapter II (38) – Mr. Knightley teaches Mr. Elton a lesson
Chapter III (39) – Harriet and a friend meet some gipsies
Chapter IV (40) – Harriet disposes of some relics
Chapter V (41) – Mr. Knightley is suspicious of Frank and Jane
Chapter VI (42) – A strawberry-picking party at Donwell Abbey
Chapter VII (43) – A picnic at Box Hill
Chapter VIII (44) – A very ashamed Emma calls on the Bateses; Jane Fairfax finds a situation
Chapter IX (45) – Mr. Knightley is going away
Chapter X (46) – Interesting news from Frank Churchill
Chapter XI (47) – Harriet has a rude surprise for Emma
Chapter XII (48) – Emma’s in lurrrrrve
Chapter XIII (49) – Mr. Knightley declares himself
Chapter XIV (50) – A letter from Frank Churchill
Chapter XV (51) – Mr. Knightley makes plans
Chapter XVI (52) – Emma and Jane become friends at last
Chapter XVII (53) – Mrs. Weston has a daughter, and Mr. Woodhouse a rude shock
Chapter XVIII (54) – Mr. Robert Martin declares himself, redux
Chapter XIX (55) – Perfect happiness, though a shocking lack of white satin and veils

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