‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’

Exactly. There will always be people who will not want to know you because of you having had a difficult past. You see, the past leaves residual stuff, that they would rather not have to contend with at all. They will see you as an obstacle. They want to be around people with whom they can admire and look up to, who inspire them with their wit and educated banter. They want to be seen with people who have gone to college, so that they can communicate with each other their ingenious writing skills. They want to be with people who have been loved by parents, as they’re the more stable kind. Some people will pretend you don’t exist, and won’t even engage with you for fear of complications. There will be people who will only touch the surface, but run for cover when they feel threatened by your nearness. However, still don’t be ashamed. Rise above those who don’t deem you good enough to be in their company. As Maya Angelou says: ‘they are no more human or better than you are’. People only think they are better. They may have superior notions about themselves, but genuine people don’t act like that, only people who have something to cover up. Remember even a caged bird can sing.


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