Transference – Projection – Boundaries

So when some people tell you that you remind them of their family, they could be just transferring memories of their parents / guardians on to you. The bonding may not be real, but based on past experiences they had with their own family members.

I know that negative images of people in my past life have been passed on to others when I’ve seen similar behaviour patterns in those people in the present. I’ve wanted to tell them that their attention seeking patterns of behaviour don’t go unnoticed, and that can be a huge reason why so many people dislike them so much. Just like the people in my past life who were despised by so many because they had to be always number one. I would reckon that their attention seeking behaviour was something they carried through with them since their childhood. I think people who have been abused in childhood have the propensity to display huge attention seeking ways. They spend so much energy transferring on to others, that they must be wrecked inside with all the energy they consume with trying to either get at people with their passive aggressive behaviour, whilst at the same time looking in other directions for ‘sympathetic’ people to prop them up with their pseudo ‘doting’ ways. People who are genuinely interested in you, don’t hero-worship you. They see you with all your foibles and warts. I think those who spend their time putting people up on pedestals are only satisfying their own needs, and can be grossly manipulative. I think those who are on the receiving end of hero-worshipping addicts, should not feed into their addictions. Think Mind Games. Think Transference. As long as the attention-seeking addicts have the power in their hands, they will have the heroes they created eating out of their hands. Sad really. Survival needs rule.


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