Legion of Mary celebrates 90th birthday

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 12:00
Legion of Mary celebrates 90th birthday
• Frank Duff, who opened the Morning Star, Regina Ceoli (pictured) and Santa Maria hostels, was fondly remembered at the Legion of Mary’s 90th anniversary.

FRANK Duff, a super Dub and a super Irishman, was fondly remembered earlier this month when the Legion of Mary celebrated its 90th birthday.

Frank, who devoted his life to loving his neighbour, gave hope and improved the quality of life for so many by opening the Morning Star, Regina Ceoli and Santa Maria hostels. He visited the old and the sick and fed and clothed the down and outs.

Frank also provided accommodation for unmarried mums and their children. In this, he was decades before his time.

Frank was an entrepreneur of God, using all his administrative skills, acquired from his time in the Civil Service, to launch his world movement that changed how the Catholic Church viewed itself before the Vatican Council.

The Legion of Mary started its life in Dublin in 1921 and those associated with it are very proud that it has spread to 170 countries.

The Legion is still growing in many parts of the world, and hopes to be a vehicle of renewal in Ireland and Europe once again.

Open days were held in conjunction with the 90th anniversary celebrations at the Legion’s headquarters in Brunswick Street, Dublin 7, and at the place where the first meeting was held in Myra House, Francis Street, Dublin 8.

The invitations were especially made to former members and associate members, many of whom have fond memories, growing up in the junior ranks of the Legion.


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