Loughlin (O’Loughlin)

  • Identifying the dates of births for Michael Loughlin (O’Loughlin) Farmer from Kilkenny and Margaret Loughlin (O’Loughlin) (nee Cahill), probably from Kilkenny.

Please note I am not sure at this point when the family changed their name from Loughlin to O’Loughlin, Michael’s parents were Loughlin, his children O’Loughlin.

  • The last will for Michael Loughlin (O’Loughlin) and Margaret Loughlin (O’Loughlin), (nee Cahill) both of Sandfordscourt in Kilkenny Ireland.
  • Information on where Michael and Margaret (nee Cahill) lived, and if they ever lived in Australia.[/b]

I believe they were both born is Kilkenny. Their children were Martin O’Loughlin (1863 – 1923) and Thomas James O’Loughlin (1866 – 1929) who both went to live in Australia. Martin and Thomas both died and were buried in Australia.

If it helps their Children were:

Martin O’Loughlin (1863 -1923) was born in Kilkenny and went to live in Australia c1899. He never married.

10. Ballybur Castle, County Kilkenny

Ballybur+Castle+County+KilkennyThe ancient seat of the Comerford clan, Ballybur Castle is a sixth century tower house with five floors rising 65-feet.

John Comerford was the last Comerford to reside at the castle. He was banished to Connaught in 1654 and his castle handed over to Brian Manseragh during the Cromwellian distribution survey.

Ballybur Castle has four bedrooms that house up to twelve guests.

Read more about ten castles to rent at the Irish Central newspaper here

Thomas James O’Loughlin (1866 – 1929) was born in Kilkenny and also went to live in Australia, believed to be c1899. He married Kathleen Murphy, daughter of James Murphy of Ballybur Castle, County Kilkenny, in St John’s (The O’Loughlin) Church September 27 1911. They had seven children, sadly two died within hours, only one daughter is known to have married, Mary Agatha, to John Berchman-Devine, they had three children.

In recognition of his generous benefactions to the Roman Catholic Church, said to have exceeded £100,000 he was created a domestic Privy Chamberlain to Pope Pius XI and on his wedding day in 1911 in Kilkenny, Ireland, he was created a Count of Rome by Pope Pius X. Thomas was the main benefactor for the St John’s (O’Loughlin) Church in Kilkenny along with his brother Michael and parents Michael and Margaret in part in the memory of his Uncle Martin Loughlin.,

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