Power: Census 1911 Castlewarren Co. Kilkenny

Residents of a house 14 in Castlewarren (Tiscoffin, Kilkenny)

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Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Power Thomas 81 Male Head of Family Catholic
Power Mary 74 Female Wife Catholic
Power John 40 Male Son Catholic
Power Sarah 30 Female Daughter in Law Catholic
Power Patrick 38 Male Son Catholic
Power Thomas 3 Male Grand Son Catholic
Power Michael 2 Male Grand Son Catholic
Power John Male Grand Son Catholic
Gahan Mary 19 Female Domestic Servant Catholic
Nolan James 34 Male Ag Labourer Catholic

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Household Return (Form A)
Additional Pages: 2

Other original census images available

Enumerator’s abstract (Form N)
Additional Pages: 2
House and Building Return (Form B1)
Additional Pages: 2
Out-Offices and Farm-Steadings Return (Form B2)
Additional Pages: 2

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