Letterfrack abuse trial


March 20, 2013 

A former inmate of Letterfrack Industrial School told a jury today that a Christian Brother who regularly abused him, nicknamed him “Tuppence” after telling him he was not worth tuppence.

The trial of a 73 year old former Christian brother charged with the sexual abuse of the young boy began today before a jury at Galway circuit criminal court.

The man, who is now 59, said he was sentenced to four years’ detention in Letterfrack in Connemara, when he was nine years old for stealing a bicycle from outside a Dublin church during morning Mass.

He returned the bicycle that evening to his local Garda Station but was charged with its theft. He said he was known to the children’s court since the age of six for mitching from a Christian Brother school and the theft of the bicycle earned him the four-year sentence which he began on December 21, 1963.

His mother beat him when he told her on his release about the sexual abuse. The now 73-year-old former Christian Brother has pleaded not guilty to six charges of indecently assaulting the boy, at Letterfrack Industrial School on dates unknown between August 30, 1965 and April 4, 1967.

Prosecuting barrister Conor Fahy, told the jury at the man’s trial that the accused is now a former Christian Brother who had worked at the Industrial School in Letterfrack during the 1960’s.

Since leaving there he had taught in other parts of the country. The trial at Galway circuit criminal court is expected to last two to three days.


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