‘Hula-hoop’ at Boyne St, Dublin

When I was a small child in the fifties out on holidays with the Boyne’s of Boyne St, off, Westland Row, I relished in children sharing ‘hula-hoops’ with me, that they may have received as Xmas gifts from parents. It was a very exciting and energetic game. So easy to get hooked on and rid one of all the built up tension that was stored in the body from the hardship that I had to persevere in the hellhole institution.

I find it so confusing that games such as Hopscotch or ‘beds’ and hoola-hoop were never allowed to be played in Goldenbridge. The nuns were so wrong in depriving children of natural games that cost so little in monetary terms, and that would have been beneficial to overworked stressed out children. Yes, I understand that the swings, merry-go-round and a horse were purchased for the prison yard, but they were industrialised static immovable objects, that had no personal touch.

H/t: Photo of “Hula hoop fever grips a 1950s family. Hulton Archive/Getty Image


HowStuffWorks “Modern History of the Hula Hoop”HowStuffWorks “Modern History of the Hula Hoop”


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