Dublin in 1965

I was incarcerated in Goldenbridge, so would not have known anything about life outside the institution. Or, if I did, it would have just been stored memories of past times spent with a Dublin host family. My mother told me when I encountered her as an adult, that she had taken me to Dublin zoo to see the llamas. It was pre Goldenbridge era. I’ve no recollection of going there as a toddler. It looks like some children were taken there on their communion day, judging from the wee ones dressed in communion gear, and clearly enjoying themselves on top of a baby elephant. I noticed a doll’s pram, and what looked like a communion bag on top of it, in the Phoenix Park. I remember a girl called Olive, who lived next door with relatives of the Boyne family, once getting a doll and pram for Xmas. It was very similar to the one depicted in the Phoenix Park family gathering scene in the video. Olive was such a kind child, and allowed me to wheel my black doll in it. I felt like I was a queen for the day. So full of importance wheeling the pram around Boyne St. The two younger women sitting on the bus look the spitting image of each other. They had to be sisters.


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