I’ve been in a frenzy tweeting about survivors of industrial “schools” and the fear about them being bypassed in the blogosphere these past couple of days. I know that I’ve been hyper-vigilant regarding the issue. I got such a bad trigger that set me off in motion, and I really should have tried to express myself via the source of this journal, instead of foisting my anxiety on to other people in the twitter-sphere. The thought of people not acknowledging survivors of industrial “schools” who fought for over quarter of a century to seek justice really gets to me, and never fails to send me into a complete spin.

I know that to those who are not survivors that the latter may sound like broken records, and that would be the truth of it. Most survivors do not have the writing skills to express themselves coherently, and feel that they have to use other methods that are not conducive with dignity and grace to get their message across. Survivors really shouldn’t have to be forceful, but they are because if they’re not, they simply get ignored. I got ignored and it pained me desperately. I know, I don’t have the personality that draws people to me because I suffer with too many disorders due to having being institutionalised in a grim industrial “school”.


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