American Magdalen Laundry survivors.

Please think of American Magdalen Laundry survivors. They are women who should be recognised by all those who say they support the rights of women. They are a very vulnerable part of society and need the voices of those who can articulate the pain they suffered to speak out on their behalf.
There is a live vigil being held by supporters of American Magdalen Laundry survivors on the 25th July, 2013 You can also watch it live on our youtube channel:
To connect with an advocate/survivor of the convents, please visit or Journalist: Jerome Elan at

2 thoughts on “American Magdalen Laundry survivors.

  1. Hello, I too was there in the fifties. What a miserable life we had as inmates in that despicable hellhole. It was a women’s prison refuge, and was not fit for children. We were caged behind walls, and disallowed natural freedom that should be a part of every child’s growing up experience.

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