Philosophy in an hour

I came across ‘History in An Hour’ blog. It has very insightful bite-sized information on historical philosophy and political figures and the like. It is well worth perusing indeed.

The idea behind the ‘Philosophy in an hour’ of which part of an excerpt is seen below, is to entice one to buy the very cheap books on offer. Excerpts of PiaH are in chronological order at the blog.  Read: Aristotle – Philosophy In An Hour to whet the appetite.

Aristotle IAH

“Aristotle was perhaps the first and the greatest of all polymaths. He is known to have written on everything from the shape of seashells to sterility, from speculations on the nature of the soul to meteorology, poetry and art, and even the interpretation of dreams. He is said to have transformed every field of knowledge that he touched (apart from mathematics, where Plato and Platonic thought remained supreme). Above all, Aristotle is credited with the founding of logic.”

Read the rest here: Philosophy in an Hour

There was also a very interesting article on Hitler’s father. It was to coincide with his birthday on the 7th June, 1837. (The day before my departed mother’s birthday.) I got wrapped up reading snippets of background information on the father of Adolf Hitler, Alois. Hitler’s father’s name was a derivation of Hiedler. Schicklgruber then became Hitler. The father married three times, the last one being to a cousin once removed. There were only two siblings who lived out of five from the last marriage to his cousin. The father beat him all the time as a child. He was very devoted to his mother, who had no means to protect him from the beatings, as she too was beaten by her cruel husband of whom he was over twenty years her senior. Adolf Hitler mentioned in Mein Kampf about wanting to become an artist, but the father would not hear of it. He wanted his son to follow in his footsteps into a very mundane job, which he held down a lifetime.



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