O Mio Babbini Caro – by Anastasia Lee (14 year old)

The singing is really good. I was reading the comments, and discovered that Anastasia has never had much singing lessons. I thought it was very nice of the voice coach to give her some sound music advice.

  • Ellen McDaniel-Weissler 1 year ago

    Anastasia, you have a smashing voice! And self-taught — that’s amazing. May I suggest (I am a voice coach) that you try to brighten up your lower register just a bit — it comes across as a little muddy. Raising the eyebrows as you sing opens up all the sinus cavities which will act as resonators also. Deep breath actually comes from below the diaphragm — practice breathing by lying on your back with a heavy book below your belt line. If it rises when you inhale, you are breathing right.

  • .TheAnastasiaLeeAnastasiaLee 1 year ago

Thank You for the Compliments !

At the time I was self-taught. I have recently started lessons. (I have had 2 lessons so far.) So I am really new to this!

I will try what you say. And Thank You for the help!

Take Care!

~Anastasia Lee~


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