American ‘Magdalen Laundries’ live Vigil (25th July, 2013)

      Published on Jun 5, 2013 – by projectforhh

You are invited to join Project for Healing Humanity and sponsors for our live vigil supporting the survivors of the Magdalene Laundries/Good Shepherd Convents. The vigil will be held live on July 25, 2013 from 8-9pm (US Est) For more info go to: You can also watch it live on our youtube channel: To connect with an advocate/survivor of the Convents please visit or Journalist: Jerome Elan at

I made a YouTube comment. It never went through.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all every success with the vigil for survivors / victims of Magdalen laundries. I spent my whole childhood in Goldenbridge Industrial “School”, Dublin. See: Many of my counterparts were sent to Magdalen Laundries after serving their whole childhood in Goldenbridge. So I thoroughly empathise with American Magdalen Laundry survivors. The spotlight needs to be shone on American Magdalen Laundries NOW!

I made another one – minus the links. it was successful.

Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin

I would like to take this opportunity in wishing you all the very best with the forthcoming vigil in honour of victims / survivors of American Magdalen Laundries. I’m a survivor of Goldenbridge Industrial “School”, Dublin. I can thoroughly empathise with the dreadful lives of Magdalen Laundry survivors that I’ve been reading about courtesy of Jerome Elam of the Washington Post. My heart goes out to all those who had to endure such hardship and suffering at the hands of uncaring religious nuns.


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