Not a happy Mother’s Day

Sorry to put the kibosh on Mother’s Day. The reality, is however, that there are children all over the world in orphanages who have not got mothers to wish them greetings on this special day. So … please, those of you who do have mothers who love them, please check your privilege throughout the year, and try to remember that there are children of the ilk in the photo, who have never been as lucky as you’ve been to have mothers to embrace them and tell them they are special. Spare some kind words for the motherless and fatherless of all ages.

Maya Angelou said in a Tweet that she became a full person because of knowing a mother’s love. She became what she is today because of knowing the strength of a mother’s tender care. A mothers love carries one through life, and helps those who have had the advantage of knowing a mothers love to be far better and stronger people.

This child lost her mother so she drew her on the floor in an orphanage. Retweeted by Suz

My mother liberated me with her love! #LoveMaya

Hence, Maya Angelou being able to shine. People who are loved are indeed liberated, and not held back in life because of all the emotional pain and loss of attachment figures.


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