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Calls to release Irish adoption records

Dan Griffin Thu, Oct 4, 2012,  Irish Times:

Two women who were “illegally” adopted at birth have called on the Minister for Children to release State records which would enable them to find their biological mothers.Theresa Tinggal and Maria Dumbell travelled to Dublin from the United Kingdom to hand a letter to Frances Fitzgerald asking her to make available records relating to informal adoptions in the 1950s.Ms Tinggal and Ms Dumbell estimate housands of children were taken from women deemed unfit for parenthood and put up for adoption during the 20th century.“[I was] not adopted in the normal sense, but informally or illegally,” Ms Tinggal said. “I was handed over to my adoptive parents at two-days-old and then registered as their legal child.”

She discovered she was adopted a decade ago when, aged 48, she was told by a family relative. “Since then I have been searching relentlessly,” she said at a press conference in Dublin. “I still haven’t discovered my birth mother or discovered the circumstances surrounding my birth.”

Ms Dumbell found out she was adopted when she applied for a passport aged 20. When she requested a copy of her birth certificate for the application, she was told by Custom House that no such certificate existed under her name.

Both women pursued the Health Board for files which would help them to establish the circumstances of their births but received only partial records. The board granted Ms Tinggal documentation of her life from the age of two to 16 years, the last statement of which read: “Theresa still doesn’t know that she is adopted”.

Ms Dumbell received a similar document covering her life from the age of 14 months.

Ms Tinggal and Ms Dumbell said they have been frustrated by the HSE, which has told them it cannot legally release files relating to informal adoptions. Many of the records are currently in private hands, namely religious and other societies.

Independent Dublin North TD Clare Daly joined the women in calling for the drafting of legislation to allow for the release of the records.

“It is known that these records exist,” she said. “All the powers of the State should be used immediately… to ensure that the children taken from their mothers can find their mothers’ details.

“It is not good enough to talk about guaranteeing children’s rights in a new referendum if we continue to ignore children failed in the past.”

I pasted the whole article here, as the Irish Times articles disappear into archives when they’re dated.

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Not a happy Mother’s Day

Sorry to put the kibosh on Mother’s Day. The reality, is however, that there are children all over the world in orphanages who have not got mothers to wish them greetings on this special day. So … please, those of you who do have mothers who love them, please check your privilege throughout the year, and try to remember that there are children of the ilk in the photo, who have never been as lucky as you’ve been to have mothers to embrace them and tell them they are special. Spare some kind words for the motherless and fatherless of all ages.

Maya Angelou said in a Tweet that she became a full person because of knowing a mother’s love. She became what she is today because of knowing the strength of a mother’s tender care. A mothers love carries one through life, and helps those who have had the advantage of knowing a mothers love to be far better and stronger people.

This child lost her mother so she drew her on the floor in an orphanage. Retweeted by Suz

My mother liberated me with her love! #LoveMaya

Hence, Maya Angelou being able to shine. People who are loved are indeed liberated, and not held back in life because of all the emotional pain and loss of attachment figures.

Vaccine trials on babies of unwed mothers in institutions

I remember during the commission to inquire into child abuse the vaccine trials being investigated, then not so very long into the investigations they were mysteriously dispensed with, to the utter disappointment of all those involved. It was during the time of Judge Mary Laffoy, who was so much respected by survivors of industrial “schools” for the meticulous way she handled her work. There was a sense of real sadness felt by survivors when she stepped down from her mighty task. She was stonewalled by the government and the religious who interfered greatly with her responsibilities.

(Click on Judge Laffoy’s name to see main points contained in her resignation letter.

Vaccine Trials – The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse

I can’t bring myself to dwell on this subject matter. Not even to click on to the links. I watched only a small part of the video before switching off. It is far too harrowing. I was overcome with nausea thinking about the abandoned mites that were tested on, because there was no-one to look out for them. Not only that, the scientists were not satisfied with testing on them while they were alive, they even tested on them into their deaths. Abhorrent! They were answerable to no-one, because the babies were products of ‘fallen women’, and therefore considered mere nonentities. Talk about Nazi Germany! Talk about Industrial “Schools” which were disbanded in Britain in 1933, and still in existence in Ireland into the seventies! Science at its worst! Shame on the scientists who carried out thE despicable task of experimenting on babies. Shame on Ireland for allowing it to happen to babies who were seen as fodder because they were considered rejects of Irish society.

I personally ended up in hospital as a five year old suffering with pertussis. I was on the dying list. It makes me shudder to think that some scientist could have jabbed me whilst there, as Industrial “School” children were indiscriminately tested on by scientists.

There was a baby who died after a few days of entering Goldenbridge. I don’t think it had had anything to do with vaccinations. I’m not qualified to say. Nonetheless, I’m just reminded of baby Howe in connection with this morbid subject. However, there is a dark cloud which hangs over her mysterious death.

Goldenbridge: Baby Marion Howe Dies? | Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin 

Apr 19, 2012 – The following Vatican Crimes Report on the tragic death of Baby Marion Howe speaks for itself. It’s so harrowing even to read it as too many .

There were also new babies who died in other mother and baby homes. Methinks that they too could possibly have been tested on by scientists seeing that children of that ‘dejected’ calibre were a given.

I’m also reminded of a child with polio in Goldenbridge who was forced to walk by the nuns, and was beaten because she did not move fast enough to the nun’s liking.