Symphysiotomy [SoS]

MATO 34 - FOUR WOMEN SEATED“Mothers wait at a maternity hospital. Image from ‘Mothers Against The Odds’ #Mato2012. Anne Daly and Ronan Tynan had their eyes opened to one of the greatest injustices ever inflicted on Irish Mothers in Ireland’s maternity hospitals while filming ‘Mothers Against The Odds’ in Kenya. Should International Women’s Day be renamed End Violence Against Women Day? Women in Kenya as an experienced midwife explained to us are treated like children.  They are treated like assets to be traded because they have no voice. This underlined the well-worn truth that the quality of a woman’s health is in direct proportion to her rights in society.

Members of the Survivors of Symphysiotomy campaign group (file photo).

Members of the Survivors of Symphysiotomy campaign group (file photo).
Image: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland




However, the really shocking and disturbing experience for us was in the filming of the Irish part of the documentary when we met the women who call themselves survivors of symphysiotomy.

dividing cartilageSymphysiotomy – MoonDragon Birthing Services

article_9_2012 Sept. edition – Bioline International

They were subjected to a “barbaric” procedure which involved breaking their pelvises when they went into hospital to have their babies.  It is claimed the rationale for this procedure was to overcome the natural limit on child-bearing that the cesarean section imposed. The cesarean was the routine procedure for complicated or problem deliveries but was less in keeping with Catholic Church teaching as it seemed to impose a limit on the number of children a woman could have. Sounds incredible, but the only way one can rationalise why in 1944 this “barbaric” procedure was re-introduced into some leading Irish maternity hospitals.”

Read the rest: International Women’s Day – Justice for the Survivors of Symphysiotomy

A petition of over 20,000 names calling for justice for the victims of symphysiotomy was handed into Leinster House. The Survivors of Symphysiotomy (SOS) group presented the petition to the All Party Victims of Symphysiotomy Oireachtas Support Group, ahead of a government decision later this month as to whether the statute of limitations will be set aside for survivors os symphysiotomy.

Symphysiotomy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Govt to accept Bill for symphysiotomy redress – RTÉ News

Newstalk – “All I can remember is screaming, just screaming 

Symphysiotomy legislation ‘not flawed’ – Oireachtas News Updates 

Government accepts Bill to allow for symphysiotomy compensation Symphysiotomy ·

Mixed response from symphysiotomy survivors to lifting statute of 

Survivors of barbaric symphysiotomy secure compensation support 

SoS – Survivors of Symphysiotomy | Facebook

To vote against symphysiotomy bill would be a betrayal of victims 

Symphysiotomy legislation ‘not flawed’ – Oireachtas  – The Irish Times

Redress for women who underwent ‘brutal’ operation – The Irish Times

Symphysiotomy survivors submit petition to TDs  – The Irish Times

Symphysiotomy group urges Government to  – The Irish Times 


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