Joan and Mimi Baez ‘The Swallow song’

                                     The Swallow Song (Richard Farina, 1964)

Come wander quietly and listen to the wind
Come here and listen to the sky
Come walking high above the rolling of the sea
And watch the swallows as they fly

There is no sorrow like the murmur of their wings
There is no choir like their song
There is no power like the freedom of their flight
While the swallows roam alone

Do you hear the calling of a hundred thousand voice
Hear the trembling in the stone
Do you hear the angry bells ringing in the night
Do you hear the swallows when they’ve flown?

And will the breezes blow the petals from your hand
And will some loving ease your pain
And will the silence strike confusion from your soul
And will the swallows come again?

H/t Scout4Me1 

~The Swallow Song ~ written by Richard Farina & Sung by Joan and Mimi Baez.

H/t 2t5i5g Photo of Mimi Baez [R.I.P.] belonging to Joan Baez at twitpic

Joan says:

“At the time of Richard Farina`s untimely death in April 1966 (at age 29) he was producing what could have been 25-year old Joan`s first electric folk-rock album, which she ultimately shelved. Only three song from those sessions have ever surfaced over the years, in various collections: “Swallow Song” was a remake of a tume from Richard & Mimi`s second LP, “Reflections in a Crystal Wind”. Three decades later, it sounded better than ever here, with Mimi`s magnificent guitar playing on display. “Mimi was a superlative guitar player, aiming for, achieving , and perfecting runnings, styles and gyrations which to this day leave me in awe. Siblings harmony, born of invisible bonds, love and genius, is like no other.”

— From Joan Baez – “Ring them Bells.”

I’ve been a life-long music fan of Joan Baez. So what a double treat it is to hear a duplicate of the exceptional talent, in the guise of Joan’s sister, Mimi R.I.P..

I just discovered after I had posted The Swallow Song that their mother passed away on the 20th April 2013. She was indeed blessed with longevity. She had just reached the century mark. So amazing. I would therefore like to dedicate this song in her honour. So Apt. Emmylou Harris, Joan and Scottish mama Bridge or Big Joan are all looking splendidly radiant in the photo.
Joan Baez: interview via @Telegraph 

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