Dalgan Park, Co Meath

St. Columban, St. Columban's,, Dalgan Park,, Navan,, County Meath, Ireland

Dalgan Park, Co Meath is located beside the Hill of Tara, the prehistoric religious and political centre of Ireland and is home to the Columban Missionaries in Ireland. They moved here in 1926 to what was formerly the Dowdstown Estate. Dalgan takes it’s name from the first Columban home near Shrule, County Mayo. Dowdstown House within the grounds is a College, and Retreat and Pastoral Centre and offers adult courses and counselling services. Nearby there is an old graveyard and the ruins of a twelfth century Cistercian Church.


Dalgan Park cemetery H/t harve64 Flickr

Set in 500 acres of parkland and woods, Dalgan Park is a functioning farm with a large herd of cattle and is also a sanctuary for wildlife. There are six kilometres of gravelled walks through woods and beside the rivers Boyne and Skane. In a quiet corner of the park there is another graveyard where Columban missionaries are buried and I thought it was poignant how the graves are laid out in chronological order.

St Columban’s Cemetery, Dalgan Park, Navan, Ireland, where two co-founders are buried along with many other Columbans; that include two of my relatives within the last few years. My uncle Willie took me around here many years ago and told that he would be buried here. It was sad at the time listening to him tell me. I felt that he belonged to the church, and that it had the final say. If he had died in Japan, where he spent 45 years, he would have been buried there. He never wanted that to happen, he had much preferred to go here. He got his wish. I hated when he talked to me about stuff of this nature. But, I can now see the wisdom of his words.

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