Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin

P1030753It was snowing in Donnybrook, Dublin, when I looked outdoors on this late March, morning, 2013. So – I captured this somewhat snowy daffodil, as I was reminded of @beannaichte – Alicia’s sister, Sharon – who sadly passed away in recent days. I thought it was an apt moment, as doubtless, snow and daffodil’s – per se – are not usually around together at the same time of year. Not in Ireland, anyway. I also thought the green white and gold very appropriate. The caption on top is taken from a tweet by Alicia. Sincere Condolences Ali. – Marie-Thérèse

PS:  The snow has all but disappeared. So this is definitely a moment in time photo that was meant to be.

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3 thoughts on “Sharon

  1. Dia duit Marie Therese.
    This is absolutely lovely, and so very fitting. I appreciate your every kind word, thought, and gesture. ~These are the things that I will tuck quietly away in my Heart~where I carry everything that matters. You have proven to be a true friend, Marie Therese~one who is worthy of the name.
    Mile buiochas.
    Bhur chara,

  2. Ali:… I’ve reached photo quota, so have additional ‘photo only’ blog that automatically reblogs onto this old blog.

    I sent you a DM.

    Was pleased to do it. As I was taking the photo you immediately sprung to mind. So it was meant for you.

    I hope you’re feeling better as the days go by? Your system will be in dreadful shock for sometime to come.

  3. Marie Therese,
    Thank you, for the message, as I appreciate it.
    I must “reach” in order to get beyond my grief. I am aware of this. And reach, I will, as it is important for me to not become stuck. Others have been living on planet earth, while I have been living on “planet my sister is dying”, for months. I reach for that place in which I not only grieve her, but also feel lucky to have had the privilege of loving her. That place of healing is a fierce place. It is a giant place. And I have to work really, really, really hard to get there.
    Thank you, Marie, for being a part of the Journey.
    Bhur Chara,

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