Being Mean to Others Can Backfire

Being Mean to Others Can Backfire “A new study discovers that when one does things to purposely shun or banish others, they actually end up being equally distressed by the experience.

“In real life and in academic studies, we tend to focus on the harm done to victims in cases of social aggression,” said co-author Dr. Richard Ryan, professor of clinical and social psychology at the University of Rochester. “This study shows that when people bend to pressure to exclude others, they also pay a steep personal cost. Their distress is different from the person excluded, but no less intense.”

By  Senior News Editor

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I’ve often wondered to myself what it must be like for those who shun and banish other people on purpose. There must surely be consequences, as the act of shunning and banishing people is so unethical. Those who shun and banish people must know at some conscious level that what they do is very damaging to recipients of the dastardly act. Confirmation bias is a word that creeps up all the time in relation to shunning and banning. Do people who shun and banish people think critically about why they behave in this manner.


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