Goldenbridge ‘outside’ school forum comments

 RMCG says:
Hello! Is there anyone out there who went to Goldenbridge in the 60s, 70s or 80s?
Maisie says:
I went there from 1951/59. I remember Sister Malachy (cookery nun) She made me stand in the yard with no coat on in the middle of winter for the whole lesson, because I forgot my cookery cap! I hated my time there. I am sure it’s changed for the better now. Sister Ann was the head nun. All my sisters went there and some of the older one’s enjoyed their time there, but the younger ones – no!
Soldier says:

I take it you mean the girls school behind the convent? My sisters went there during the 80s. The nun in charge was Mother Jarlath and second to her was Sister Ann.

Maisie says:

I am getting a bit mixed up here! When I was there in 51/59 the head nun was Sister Ann Philomena and a Sister Jarlath taught boys in the old chapel. (My mum and Dad were married there in 1926!) to the right of the front gates of the school. I think your Sister Ann and Sister Jarlath were a few generations down. I hope the Sister Ann in your sisters’ time was a kinder person? My one was a demon. She and the other nuns slapped little kids as young as 5 (me included) with a big ruler across the hands. The nuns cruelty stayed with me to this day, and I still don’t understand why they did it. The poor kids in the orphanage got it worse. I am so glad they shut the place down. The school seems 1000 times better now.

Fitzy says:

My cousins were in the orphanage and my sister in the school. If they passed each other and looked, the cousins got a beating and my sister was in trouble. This was Sister Ann that done that. She was head nun and a real ***** we found out in later years. 

Soldier says:

I remember Sr. Ann. She seemed huge to a small child and wasn’t a nice person when you came under her radar.

Fitzy says:

She brought my cousin into a class one day to show her she wasn’t like normal kids, and why they shouldn’t look at her.

Soldier says:

I was slapped with a cane by her because I called some one a bitch, outside school and on a weekend, she was an evil **** when she wanted ro be .I remember the relief when we heard she was going to America…..only to find out later it was on holiday.

Were you in the young kids school?


My four sisters and I  attended Goldenbridge. There was a big gap between myself and and the eldest (22 years in fact) Some years ago my sisters went up to the convent to confront Sister Ann regarding our cruel treatment while we were at the school. When asked, she replied:

We were very young when we joined the order and just came up from the country, and we did not know any better…

Now, come on, I have lots of friends who…

just came up from the country

…and there is no way they have that sadistic gene in them. My mother, who also went there in 1910 often told us a story about how she won a spelling test and the prize was the big fairy on top of the class Christmas tree. When she was presented with her ‘prize’ it was a tiny fairy and not the big one! She always said that if she had been one of merchant’s daughters, the ones who used to give donations to the convent, they would have got the big fairy as promised! However, on the way home from school (do any of you remember the hole on the bridge next to the little black shop) she pushed it in there into the Camac river. I am afraid that us poor kids did not stand a chance!


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