The O’Malley Coat-of-Arms

O'Malley Coat of Arms

There are multiple versions of the O’Malley coat-of-arms in circulation. The earliest known is a stone plaque with the O’Malley

coat-of-arms on the wall of the Clare Island Abbey, which was built and funded by the O’Malley’s and dates from the 17th century.

It is also the assumed resting place of Granuaile. The plaque has an inscription in Latin: TERRA MARIQUE POTENS, (powerful on

land and sea). For Grace O’Malley, and no doubt the other members of the powerful O’Maille clan, it was their might on land and sea

which gained them their advantage. The coat of arms on the right is a contemporary version that I designed based on previous collections.

Of most importance, it is based on the earliest known shown on the left. The elements consist of armor; Celtic swords; bows & arrows,

perhaps one for each of the three main galleons in their fleet; together, they denote their might on land and sea. The steed denotes their

spirit in war, and wild boar symbolizes their fierce tenacity in battle; the ship denotes their exploits and might at sea, the Celtic crosses and

Celtic knots, particularly the triskele or triangular knots, symbolize the Trinity and their Christian faith. Like eternity, the knots are endless.

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The O'Malley Coat of Arms

If anyone is looking for their Irish heritage they should contact following sources.

The following resources may be of help to you.

The General Register Office of Ireland

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Irish Roots

The National Library of Ireland

Irish Genealogy

Genealogical Society of Ireland

Irish Ancestors

National Archives of Ireland

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