D’Arcy Census 1901

Residents of a house 39 in Knockanalban (Annagh, Clare)

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D’Arcy Michael 50 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic
D’Arcy Catherine 46 Female Wife Roman Catholic
D’Arcy Jeremiah 15 Male Son Roman Catholic
D’Arcy Michael 11 Male Son Roman Catholic
D’Arcy Mary 9 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
D’Arcy Bridget 7 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Darcy Catherine 5 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
D’Arcy Timothy 3 Male Son Roman Catholic
D’Arcy James 1 Male Son Roman Catholic
O’Malley Margaret 80 Female Relative Roman Catholic

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Household Return (Form A)


Enumerator’s abstract (Form N)
House and Building Return (Form B1)
Additional Pages: 23
Out-Offices and Farm-Steadings Return (Form B2)
Additional Pages: 2
My uncle told me that his grandmother was an O’Malley before she married. So Margaret O’Malley mentioned in the 1901 census would be my great-great-grandmother. I’ll have to see if I’ve got that sorted out correctly? Michael & Catherine, head of the family would be my great-grand-father & great-grandmother and Michael, the son of eleven, would be grandfather.
It’s very touching, just looking at the signature of a great-grandfather in the census image Household Return (Form A) that I never knew. He wrote in the same style of writing that I was taught, where the letters are all joined up together.
I was given the name Margaret for my confirmation by Sr. F at Goldenbridge. I see from the census forms that Margaret is a very prevalent Christian name, so that’s very pleasing indeed.

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