Subliminal sex messaging in advertising

Subliminal sex messaging in advertising continuation:

(Part 2):

(Part 3):

(Part 4):

(Part 5):

H/t TheKilluminati786

I was watching some videos the other day pertaining to subliminal sex messaging, and then again at … The latter post by OB prompted me to watch some more to gain sufficient knowledge. I think the above videos have given me more gainful insight into how the media works, which is very important for Leaving Cert Media studies. I noticed in some of the comments on some other videos of the same subject that some of them were dubious by saying that there was a lot of exaggeration. I don’t know about that, as I’m only new to understanding about subliminal usage in advertising. The most I knew beforehand was that flashing lights were used to subconscously draw people to remembering in the aftermath, but I never thought that stuff was being employed in such a lurid sexual way. I’m so thoroughly naive. Apparently, it’s supposed to be rampant in Disney advertising for children.

Disney Subliminal Messages:

I have watched a few of these videos and they appear very convincing. Not contrived.

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