Goldfinch Donnybrook Dublin

I was testing out the camera after it had been repaired, and chanced upon the goldfinch at ground level searching for food. Normally they are to be seen perched high on the trees. It looks like it is pregnant. It was going at such a fast pace that it wasn’t easy to focus properly, as the inbuilt Leica lens can only do so much work on that level. It’s not a professional camera. It was a momentary thing, and that is what I like about it. I’ll have to make it my business to get bird-feed, as this is the most important time that the birds need it.

I’m just wondering if this bird is a goldfinch at all. I don’t see any red on it’s face and the beak appears much slender and the tail longer. If there is anyone out there who could put me right, I’d be grateful.


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