Inside looking out

Inside looking out – through the steamed up window – at the radiant pink and white flowers on the cusp of bloom and renewal.

It will soon be spring  – the flowers will soon again dance to the tunes of merriment and joy. Oblivious of their immediate surroundings. 

Selfishness will thus creep in again. Nauseating exuding vapours will permeate everywhere inside steamy environs. Repressed, Regressive thoughts smouldering with steam.

Not one will notice that someone desperately wants to be part of the growth and renewal. No one to care.

No invitation to share in the fun no, no; no; no NO, NAY NEVER. Way too creepy!

Inside looking out – startled and forlorn. The ever-changing wheel turns round and round. Everything remains the same cycle after cycle.

The voice of the hands that clasp the steamed-up window cries out with sadness at the selfishness of some who appear so absorbed in their own egotistical lives. Too wrapped up to care about the wider world around them who share the same secular principles.

Bypassing those in their midst because they haven’t the empathy or notion to understand anything outside of their own precious well insulated bubble. Yet, lets the world know about their intensity for social justice.

Yeah, inside looking out, yet again and again. When will the penny drop? When will there be hope? When will there be a glimmer of light? Will it always remain the same – with that someone on the Inside looking out?


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