Say Sorry – Ann Thompson

The story of Ann Thompson – an indefatigable fighter for those who were abused…

Penguin publishers

Say Sorry: A Harrowing Childhood in Catholic Orphanages

I have written this book because I believe those of us who have been abused by the nuns and priests need to tell our stories so the abuse of children will never happen again. This crime and our shame will never go away until we stand together as one and say to the Catholic Church, ‘No more abuse; no more lies; tell the world the truth.’

Conceived out of wedlock in 1941, Ann was just two months old when she was placed in the care of a Catholic orphanage in Christchurch, New Zealand. From the beginning, she was taught her mother was sinful and that she would be too unless the devil was beaten from her soul. She was physically and sexually abused by religious and lay staff at the orphanage from an early age and was forced to work long hours on the orphanage farm and later in the laundries.

In 1997, when Ann watched a Prime Television documentary exposing the decades of abuse by the Good Shepherd nuns at the Christchurch orphanage, she realised hers wasn’t the only lost childhood.

Say Sorry documents the abuse inflicted on Ann and its ongoing consequences. It is also the story of her battle to get authorities within the Catholic Church to accept responsibility for the past institutionalised abuse of children and young people in its care; to acknowledge culpability and admit – unconditionally – that there was wrongdoing.

Cover Image ISBN: 9780143011842

Author(s): by Ann Thompson Publisher: Weaving the Strands; (Sep 28, 2012)

Ann’s battle to get authorities within the Catholic Church to accept responsibility for the past institutionalised abuse of children and young people in its care is entering its eleventh year. She is committed to communicating truthfully and openly about the abuse inflicted on her, and its ongoing consequences, until the church acknowledges culpability and admits—unconditionally—that there was wrongdoing.  


Ann Thompson is a regular contributor to the Catholica Forum and other discussion boards. She now lives in Whangarei, on the North Island of New Zealand with her husband and children.

I’ve just come across the above book online. It reminds me of Goldenbridge industrial *school.* I place it here as a reminder to watch out for it in the bookshops. Such familiar territory, despite being so far away from Ireland.

Up the Women in Shackleurism. Let our voices be heard everywhere.


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