Lucerne Switzerland.

Whenever I feel down in the dumps about life, I find great solace in reminiscing about the nice things in life, that once made me feel good. This (excellent) video of Lucerne reminds me of just one of those times in the past when I felt really good. I was immediately transported back to the times I had spent there as a young teenager, and even later, as an older teenager when I returned there. Come to think of it, I never felt alone there, the second time around, even though I went there on my own. Lucerne is a beautiful city. My Canadian first cousin, Billy went there on holiday, when he was studying geophysics and seismology at Stanford College, in America. He couldn’t have chosen a nicer place to go to. I would have loved to have gone there with his mother. I read some years ago that the bridge got burned down. It has been restored beautifully, by the looks of it in the video.

I would really like to thank the owner of this very impressive video. The last two are also by the same person. A lot of the YT ones I’ve seen thus far have inappropriate pop music blaring in the background. They seem to be out of synch with the historicity of the features shown in the Swiss videos.

The last two videos are also by the same person. I think the owner could be Japanese, as I see some oriental visitors gathered nearby the video. Also, there are ‘characters’ in video heading.

I just can’t get enough of Lucerne.


Einfach toll.


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