Comhghairdeas ó chroí leat, a Christine agus Sam. Congratulations to you both on the fine achievements for your endless work in your respective positions in life. I just adore the smiles on Christine and Sam’s faces. They’re a breath of fresh air and bring joy to my heart, just looking at them. I’d expect Sam was entertained with Christine’s wit, as I’ve said to her in the past, that she would have made a great actress, as she has all the qualities to mesmerise people with her storytelling. People laugh uproariously at the way she expresses stuff. She has such a charming sense of humour, which she’d have most definitely needed to have survived what she did at Goldenbridge.

The honorary doctorates are so well deserving. What a proud moment in Irish history, when a tortuous voice of a survivor of Goldenbridge has at long last become an accepting voice after a quarter of a century and more of campaigning for justice for survivors of Goldenbridge and industrial and reform institutions. Survivors now stand proudly amongst the rest of the voices that are heard in Irish society. This is such an achievement. The road has been long and painful. I’m gobsmacked. It’s validation to the rest of survivors that they have finally arrived and have been believed. Errr…hold on firmly to that hat, Christine, lest it falls off in the blustery winds. It wouldn’t do to have your dream-hat dashed to the winds. Doubtless Sam would come to the rescue. I hope you invited him afterwards to Aislinn Centre, for a cupan tee with survivors of industrial *schools*??


P.S.: I’m going to pretend – just this once – that I didn’t spot the *pinkification* in Christine’s gown and the *blue – ification* in Sam’s. I wonder has this ever been pointed out to those in the upper academic echelons of society? I wonder what our last but one president, Mary Robinson would make of same. I won’t prattle on, as I don’t want to take away from the wonderful moment of the two very impressionable honorees of the doctorates.


Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin


Playwright Sam Shepard and Campaigner Christine Buckley were conferred with Honorary Degrees

Dec 07, 2012

The American playwright, Sam Shepard and campaigner for the rights of abuse victims, Christine Buckley were among those conferred with honorary degrees at Trinity College Dublin today (December 7th).

Playwright, actor and director Sam Shepard was conferred with a Doctor in Letters (Litt.D.) He is a significant figure in world drama, with an extraordinary body of work to his name which has inspired a generation of writers, filmmakers and theatre practitioners the world over. A relentless experimenter with form and structure, few American playwrights have exerted as much influence on the contemporary stage. Not only a playwright, but also a screenwriter and author of short stories, he is the recipient of many awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1979 for his play Buried Child. He also has a deep connection to Irish theatre…

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