Conor Buckley / Sara Kavanagh

Conor Buckley and Sara Kavanagh.

Conor Buckley was very supportive of his mother, Christine Buckley, a survivor who grew up with me in Goldenbridge.

“Up until now, I have always refused to speak publicly about my mum and her life but I have to admit I’m just so proud of her and what she has achieved.

After 25 years of painstaking work my mum Christine was presented with the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ Award by none other than President Mary McAleese.

The much-deserved award was in recognition of the immense work and suffering she and all the victims of institutional abuse have gone through.

She has previously won an award for ‘Woman of Ireland’ and earlier this year, I proudly watched her honoured at the ‘People of the Year’ Awards at the Citywest hotel, but I felt this meant more to her in some ways.

SO PROUD: Krystle's Conor Buckley, pictured with Sarah Kavanagh

SO PROUD: Krystle’s Conor Buckley, pictured with Sarah Kavanagh

To see someone you love fighting for years for justice is moving. To watch her continue with her battle through an illness such as breast cancer was heart-warming.

And for her to be honoured in this way was one of the best feelings in the world.

I’ll never forget the lovely messages of support both she and I received in the past week from friends and work colleagues.

It was a perfect night for all concerned, except for the fact that my brother Dara missed out, because he is living in Australia.

On reflection, the room was filled with so many great people, such as Carmel MacDonnell and Liam Burke, who have volunteered their entire lives to great causes.

I think my mum just felt privileged to be in the same room with some of these people.

I’m extremely close to my mum, but in many ways our lives are a million miles apart.”

Conor’s Diary

He’s too shy: Conor bucks the model trend – Around Town … – Herald

Carmel McDonnell was also in Goldenbridge. She lost two of her brothers, who were in a holiday drowning incident at the industrial school they resided.

Sister in radio plea 33 years after tragedy – National News …sara

Sara Kavanagh is one of Ireland’s most well known models. She has worked with Assets Model Agency for the last six years. Sara regularly appears in many Irish magazines and newspapers.

In 2008 Sara was chosen to represent Ireland as a Red Bull Formula Una at the Monaco Grand Prix after which she appeared in the British TopGear Magazine. She was awarded ‘’Best Irish Model’’ by The Irish Daily Mirror. She regularly features on Ireland Am, Expose, The Late Late Show and The Afternoon Show.

In 2010 Sara and her family set up The Joe Kavanagh Foundation in memory of her Dad. The foundation aim’s to prevent sudden cardiac death.

After qualifying and working as a beauty therapist, Sara qualified with a Degree in Fashion, Photographic, Film & Television, Theatre and Bridal Make-Up. She has trained with top international make-up artists. Sara has worked with Ireland’s most well known and photographed faces. Opening a beauty salon is something she’s always wanted to do. Her aspirations for the salon are to the highest standards. She has sourced products from around the world, she loves them and she hopes you will too!

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Sara and Conor Buckley have been an item for years. True love never runs smooth.

(I encountered Gerard Kean at a book launch some years ago and he was very empathetic towards me when I stated that I was in literacy education for years with OB an online tutor. I just recalled it as I was reading above newspaper article.)


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