Happy Hogmanay 2013

Marie T O’Loughlin (@MarieTherese39)

Posted Saturday 29th December 2012 from Twitlonger

Marie T O’Loughlin @MarieTherese39 29 Dec
@LOcculta The Irish equivalent is Red Lemonade, which is not freely available in England. Not so, when I resided there, anyway, in the 80’s.”
“Shane@LOcculta @MarieTherese39 yes I remember my cousin from England being surprised by Red Lemonade here. Didn’t know it wasn’t available there.”
Irn Bru Trade Tartan

Shane mentioned Irn Bru in a twitter conversation, and it got me thinking about Red Lemonade – which I think is the nearest equivalent to Irn Bru. The latter is a red-orange coloured drink that is made and sold in Scotland. I had it on innumerable occasions when I stayed in Glasgow with Esther Brady – who took me out on holidays from Goldenbridge as a wee child. Esther – soon after her marriage – of which I had the pleasure of being a flower page-girl – emigrated to Glasgow. [Irn Bru Tartan.]

I remember when I went back to Ireland (having emigrated to London) in search of my family, I stayed with Alfie Young – who was a brother-in-law of Esther. He handed me a tumbler of Red Lemonade. I asked him if it was Irn Bru, that one drinks in Scotland? He was amazed that I did not recognise the popular Irish beverage. I never saw it in the shops in England.

Alfie R.I.P. went on to tell me that when I was a child – out on visitation from Goldenbridge – that I was mad about Red Lemonade.


The Store-yard. H/t Ciara Drennan

I was gobsmacked. I had no recollection at all. However, upon further venturing into my mind’s distant past, at a later stage, I did recall, at various times, my face bent down into some beautifully nature patterned drinking tumblers, and being mesmerised by the burnt-red sizzling noisy contents which plopped and bounced inside.

The sparkling splashes gave me a lovely facial tingling sensation. To this day, I’ve a penchant for patterned tumblers. I know it obviously stems from those times spent at the Boyne’s humble abode at Boyne St., where they had a beautiful cabinet display of tumblers and delph that I so admired.

What've the Scots Got Up their Kilts?

I’ll be especially thinking about Irn Bru this Hogmanay. I shall go out and purchase its equivalent – Red Lemonade. I’ll raise the tumbler high whilst singing ‘Auld Lang Syne‘ along with Eddi Reader.

Slainte, Shane and to all my twitter followers, and one and all throughout the Twitter-sphere. Here’s to a happy, healthy and more prosperous 2013!


The Store-yard H/t Ciara Drennan


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