Anúna: The Wild Song / Earth Mother

The Wild Song – written by Michael McGlynn. Am so proud of Anúna, and especially the fact that an ex-choir mistress Róisín Dempsey from Enniscorthy was also part of this very talented group – which saw them travel all over the world. I never tire of this exquisite music.

H/t brezairola Michael McGlynn Website

This a dedication to all mothers out there, and especially those who are new and soon-to-be mothers. You all know who you are indeed. I went to bed very late one night over Xmas, and as I was gazing out the window – which was in my vision, I was drawn for ages and ages to all the magic that was going on in the skies above. A big bright moon, then suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and a dance took place with the black and white clouds, that simultaneously veiled the moon causing various shadows to occurs. I was in another world, just as I was transfixed when viewing this video. Mother Earth can be so mesmerisingly breathtaking everywhere you go. I never cease to be amazed. Suffice it, I fell asleep in such a peaceful fashion. The visuals are absolutely calmingly stunning.

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