In Memoriam: Uncle Willie

Rose In Memoriam Card from Celtic CardsIn Memoriam: Dearest Uncle Willie: RIP You never forgot all your nieces and nephews at Xmas time. I know, I for one, always looked so much forward to receiving your cards and gifts, and long letters with the much needed advise.

I know that countless survivors of industrial *schools* never got the same opportunity to have relationships with their relatives. So, I’m forever grateful for knowing you. I know that you cared for me very much, but I could never live up to the expectations of your sister – my mother – let alone you. I had no need to worry about explaining my background, and the way it affected my life, you were always there to cover for me. Your loss has left me exceedingly bereft. The void is very painful and empty, and is brought to the fore at this time of year, when I know there’ll be no waiting for the post-man to arrive, or a cheery hello on the phone from you. I thus weep silently.



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