Dawkins: Religious Indoctrination is Child Abuse

Religious Indoctrination is Child Abuse

“Who will say with confidence that sexual abuse is more permanently damaging to children than threatening them with the eternal and unquenchable fires of hell?”
Richard Dawkins

Religions always plan to indoctrinate children. Teaching religion to an adult is hard work because religions are absurd and often transparently so. In contrast teaching religion to children is easy. Children are susceptible and suggestible. It doesn’t sound like far-fetched nonsense to a child, children are credulous.

The religious don’t regard telling children about hellfire and damnation is indoctrinating them before they have attained the age of reason, which it clearly is, they see it as a good thing. Making children fear hellfire is meant to save their souls and set them on the only path to righteousness. Nobody would deliberately teach their children a tissue of lies knowing them to be lies. The reason to instil fear into a child when they are too young to see that the story is farcical is never that the person doing the teaching believes that the story is farcical, the motives are always pure but no matter, the effect is the same.

Abusive religious indoctrination of children takes places worldwide.Religious indoctrination of children takes places worldwide.
Children are primed to believe what they are told by figures in authority who seem to be looking after them. This wide-open credulity makes them prey to nonces, paedophiles who make up nonsensical stories to get children to come with them. It also makes them prey to something even more sinister with an even greater capacity to screw with them: religion.

Religious Indoctrination is Child Abuse



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