O’Loughlin Castlewarren Tiscoffin Census 1901

Residents of a house 17 in Castlewarren (Tiscoffin, Kilkenny)

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Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Loughlin James 58 Male Head of Family R Catholick
Loughlin Johanna 50 Female Wife R Catholick
Loughlin Mary 24 Female Daughter R Catholick
Loughlin James 23 Male Son R Catholick
Loughlin Ellen 21 Female Daughter R Catholick
Loughlin Michael 19 Male Son R Catholick
Loughlin Margaret 14 Female Daughter R Catholick
Loughlin Edward 11 Male Son R Catholick

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Household Return (Form A)

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Enumerator’s abstract (Form N)
Additional Pages: 2
House and Building Return (Form B1)
Additional Pages: 23
Out-Offices and Farm-Steadings Return (Form B2)
Edward – the boy of 11 named at the very bottom was my grandfather. He wasn’t mentioned in the 1911 census, as he was in training with the R.I.C. [Royal Irish Constabulary] at the time. He went on to become an inspector with An Garda Siochana before his untimely death at only thrice the age here. However, he escaped death earlier on, when a band of twenty Black & Tans arrived at the thatched farmstead and demanded to know from the mother the whereabouts of her son. He had been playing cards in a nearby cousin’s very tall corn-field. I was told that his mother would have risked her own life rather than divulge his whereabouts. He was very much loved. He was the youngest, who’d been born at a rather advanced age for a woman. The family and relatives were all very proud of him when he joined the R.I.C., but even prouder when he absconded at a time when it was unpopular for a Catholic(k) to be part of it. Hence his early advancement in An Garda Siochana, who recognised the price he had paid by his earlier R.I.C. desertion. 
Incidentally the ‘O” was dropped in the name, as it wasn’t very popular to have it drawn attention to at the time of great political unsettlement in Ireland. It was replaced again [as you can see from my name] after 1921.
Catholick was an old format for Catholic. I like the ‘olick’ bit :-)!
Margaret became a schoolmarm. She married late in life and moved to Dublin. She was my mother’s god-mother. It was [she] who had sent for my mother to go to Dublin from Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, when the latter was a very young woman. I think she wanted my mother to look after her, as she was very frail. If my mother had not been so foolhardy and naive and overwhelmed with life in Dublin, she would have been the inheritor of her aunt’s two big houses in Dublin. Everything went topsy-turvy and mama ended up being such a big loser. Another niece who was a decade and a half older and shrewder, by all accounts, looked after the old aunt and subsequently got the two properties. To think that this all happened whilst I was living in the most poverty-stricken circumstances in Dublin. It bleeds me to even think about it, as it did too all those belonging to my mother, whom the latter never asked for help.
I discovered data for two relatives, James / John Loughlin going back to 1864 / 1881 respectively. The records pertain to Kilkenny Probate data from 1853 /1881.
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Biography – Martin Loughlin – Australian Dictionary of Biography
Martin Loughlin (1833-1894), mining magnate, speculator and sportsman, was born on 3 November 1833 at Castlewarren, near Kilkenny, Ireland, son of Martin …
Griffiths Valuation of Ireland – Tiscoffin, County Kilkenny
Castlewarren Tiscoffin Kilkenny Clooney Kieran Castlewarren Tiscoffin Kilkenny …Leary William Castlewarren Tiscoffin Kilkenny Loughlin James Castlewarren .
There are also Brennan and Comerford relations from Castlewarren mentioned in Griffith’s Evaluation and in Martin Loughlin’s dictionary of biography.
MarieTherese39 : Martin O?Loughlin originated from Castlewarren 
The Cousins of Thomas Count O’Loughlin: June 2011

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