Sylvia Plath went missing…

“Sylvia Plath went missing 59 years ago…. Her disappearance was in more than 170 newspapers around the country and was reported on the radio and television, as well. The majority of the newspaper articles were understandably in Massachusetts.

Many, but not all, of the stories ran photographs of Plath. This was done to help readers identify the missing student and also to illustrate the adjectives such as “beautiful” that were used to draw in readers attention in the headlines and in the stories. In all, there were five-to-seven photographs/images of Plath used by the newspapers.

One of the photographs appeared in The Boston Globe, in an article titled “Day-Long Search Fails to Locate Smith Student” on 26 August 1953. The photograph that ran was of Plath, her mother, and her brother.

One of the more sensational newspaper of the time, The Boston Daily Record, ran a number of articles on the missing Plath in several daily editions. In fact, they ran eleven articles over four days. Two on the 25th; three on the 26th; four on the 27th; and two on the 28th. On the 27th, two of the editions used a photo of Plath, two did not. The photo of Plath was a close-cropped headshot from the same photo that ran on the 26th in The Boston Globe, mentioned just above. The caption to the image read: “Sylvia Plath / Stupified by drugs.”

I won’t give away where she was found. You can find that out by reading the continuation of story regarding her disappearance at an info blog dedicated in her memory here. H/t Sylvia Plath’s blog.


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