Children should be seen and heard

Column: ‘I want the best for children, which is why I am voting No’ By Pat Kavanagh Pat Kavanagh says she has serious questions about the new Child and Family Support Agency. Column: ‘Vote Yes to end the culture where children are seen and not heard’ By Fergus Finlay Fergus Finlay says countless reports documented Ireland’s failings to protect children, but this constitutional amendment will change that. Colm O’Gorman: The State failed children, but so too did society By Colm O’Gorman – @Colmogorman The head of Amnesty International Ireland addresses concerns of the ‘No’ camp in Children’s Referendum – and says the Constitution will still be unambiguous in asserting the status of the family. Column: ‘Politics across the Atlantic should make us consider our own system’ By Maura Adshead The Irish and US political systems are different – but both have their good points, writes Professor Maura Adshead. Column: EastEnders plot has no bearing on Children’s Referendum By Tanya Ward The dramatic storyline has not gone unnoticed but it should not permeate people’s opinions, writes Tanya Ward. = Updates via Twitter: Tweets 29mJim Daly ‏@jimdalytd Great day for thousands of children all over Ireland who can now look forward to a better and brighter future in this country #Happy#ccref  Retweeted by Frances Fitzgerald Expand 29mFine Gael Official ‏@FineGaelToday Yes result just declared 58% have voted for amendment, thank you for your votes & your support during the  Retweeted by Frances Fitzgerald  View photo ‏@Independent_ie The referendum has been carried with the Yes side securing 58pc of the vote and the No side getting 42pc. Live blog   Retweeted by Frances Fitzgerald Expand 27mFrances Fitzgerald ‏@FitzgeraldFrncs @thegrem69 Thank you Roy for all your hard work too!  View conversation 31mFrances Fitzgerald ‏@FitzgeraldFrncs Yes result just declared for #chref12 #crref Historic day for Ireland’s children. Well done to all the people and orgs who fought for this! Collapse 24 RETWEETS FAVORITES 30mAchill Gooner ‏@achillgooner @FitzgeraldFrncs Well done to you too Minister. You were fantastic during the campaign Expand 28mRoy G Moutford ‏@thegrem69 @FitzgeraldFrncs congratulations and more importantly thank you Expand 25mPhilip Slattery ‏@scheister @achillgooner @FitzgeraldFrncs I second that Expand 12mRoger Parrow ‏@NaasPreacher @FitzgeraldFrncs Well done to the 42% who opposed govt propaganda with no publicity and no money. Lucky I paid for your campaign. Expand 9mMairead Carey ‏@MaireadHope @FitzgeraldFrncs well done on all your hard work. Huge changes ahead. Well done. Expand 49sMarie T O’Loughlin ‏@MarieTherese39 @FitzgeraldFrncs Goldenbridge industrial school survivors have paid ultimate price. It’s terrific to finally see children being acknowledged. Expand 6mAndrew Madden ‏@andrewmmadden Good … Children’s Referendum amendment passed by 58% of voters – RTÉ News … via @rtenews #chref12#crref Expand 26sIrelandStandUp ‏@IrelandStandUp So the Children’s Referendum has passed – what happens next? (via @thejournal_ie   View summary 3mIrish Newsfinder ‏@IrishNewsFinder So the Children’s Referendum has passed – what happens next?   View summary 6mWhataheal Ireland ‏@WNewsIreland [#WNewsIreland]: Children’s rights referendum passed amid low turnout: The children’s right…  #Ireland #UK #Dublin Expand 6mWhataheal Ireland ‏@WNewsIreland [#WNewsIreland]: Children’s Referendum Results: Overview of thechildren’s referendum resul…  #Ireland #UK #Dublin Expand ‏@Independent_ie Full constituency-by-constituency results now available forChildren’s Referendum – report on @Independent_ie … Expand 11mYFG International ‏@Int_YFG Result! Ireland’s Children’s Referendum passed. The adopted constitutional amendment looks at a number of areas…  Expand 10 NovUNICEF ‏@UNICEF #Ireland votes today in referendum on enshrining children’s rights in constitution. @unicefireland on why this matters:   Retweeted 203 times Expand 13mAndrew Madden ‏@andrewmmadden Good … Children’s Referendum amendment passed by 58% of voters – RTÉ News … via @rtenews #chref12#crref Expand 46mHRinI ‏@humanrightsblog The Children’s Referendum: The Result: With polls closed, and counting now complete, the Irish people have voted…  Expand 1hRTÉ News ‏@rtenews The Children’s Referendum has been passed after 58% of voters backed it, against the backdrop of a 33.5% turnout … #crref Expand 1hAndrew Brennan ‏@AndrewSB49 Just commented on @thejournal_ie: Gilmore: Children’sReferendum “never really took fire” –   View summary 2hjackie colleton ‏@jackcolleton Gilmore: Children’s Referendum “never really took fire” (via@thejournal_ie   View summary ‏@ChildRightsIRL This is the Children’s Rights Alliance statement welcoming the passing of the Children’s Referendum  #crrefWHOOP! Expand 2hRTÉ News ‏@rtenews Turnout in the Children’s Referendum was 33.53%, the lowest since the 1996 referendum on bail. #crref Expand 2hNewstalk 106-108 fm ‏@Newstalkfm BREAKING NEWS: Provisional result of Children’s Referendumshows 615,731 in favour, 445,863 against Expand 2hRTÉ News ‏@rtenews The Children’s Referendum amendment has been approved, with 615,731 votes (58%) in favour compared to 445,863 votes (42%) against. #crref Expand 3hPaddy Doyle ‏@MrPaddyDoyle @marielco Marie, unless I’ve been living in a bunker, the real debate on the Children’s Referendum only ignited in the last two weeks#ccref  View conversation 3hPaddy Doyle ‏@MrPaddyDoyle I wonder if there had been more debate about the Children’sReferendum would it have been carried. The referendum was ‘sneaked in” – tainted Expand 4hmary minihan ‏@minihanmary Both Donegal constituencies have said No to the children’s rightsreferendum #crref @IrishTimes Expand 4hGerard Cunningham ‏@faduda Cavan voters seem to have been under the impression this was areferendum on whether the State should jail the “Quinn children#crrref Expand 4hmary minihan ‏@minihanmary Cork North Central almost 50/50 in children’s rights referendum50.09% Yes to 49.91% No #crref @IrishTimes Expand 6hBryan Dobson ‏@bryansixone Indications Children’s Referendum could be closer than might have been expected. We’re on RTE 1 TV at 10.25 with tallies & first reactions. Expand 7hNewstalk 106-108 fm ‏@Newstalkfm FG exit poll: Children’s Referendum will pass comfortably  Expand 16hPaddy Doyle ‏@MrPaddyDoyle The turn-out for the Children’s Referendum illustrates the interest people have in children. Same story when abuse was rampant.#ccref Expand 18hBryan Dobson ‏@bryansixone PS On the telly (RTE 1 TV) at 10.30 tomorrow morning with first indications from the Children’s Referendum. Great if you can join us. B Expand 10 NovColm Tobin ‏@colmtobin Just voted for the young fella from Moone Boy in the children’sreferendum. Hope he gets in. #ccref Expand 8 NovBarnardos Ireland ‏@Barnardos_IRL We have created this handy #infograph with an overview of theChildren’s Referendum  #crref – Please read & RT! Expand 8 Novmary minihan ‏@minihanmary Supreme Court rules against Government re children’s rightsreferendum spend  #crref @IrishTimes  View summary 8 NovRTÉ News ‏@rtenews Link to the Children’s Referendum website is no longer active  Expand 8 NovNewstalk 106-108 fm ‏@Newstalkfm BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court: Government used public money on Children’s Referendum campaign in manner that was not fair, equal or impartial Expand 8 NovAndrew Madden ‏@andrewmmadden Children vote on… children’s referendum (They went for ‘Yes’) (via@thejournal_ie  #chref12 #crref  View summary 8 ‏@ChildRightsIRL Great article by Chief Exec @Tanya_Ward on why EastEnders plot has no bearing on Children’s Referendum  #crref#chref12  View summary 8 ‏@ChildRightsIRL On @morning_ireland at 8.30am our Chief Exec @Tanya_Ward will debate Kathy Sinnott on Children’s Referendum. Tune in.. #crref#chref12 Expand 7 NovRTÉ News ‏@rtenews Supreme Court reserves decision in appeal over rejection of a claim the Govt’s Children’s Referendum campaign is biased towards Yes vote Expand 7 NovRónán Burtenshaw ‏@RonanBurtenshaw Socialist Party: Yes in Children’s Referendum but struggle against austerity to end child poverty … via @joehiggins_mep Expand 6 NovRTÉ News ‏@rtenews Supreme Court hearing appeal against Children’s Referendumcampaign decision … #crref #chref Expand 6 NovMorning Ireland ‏@morning_ireland Need more info on the Children’s Referendum  Expand 6 NovMorning Ireland ‏@morning_ireland Ms Justice Mary Finlay Geoghegan in studio now to answer your questions about the Children’s Referendum …#crref Expand 5 NovColm Tobin ‏@colmtobin It’s ironic we’re having a children’s referendum at a time when Ireland is losing all its children. Expand 5 NovJerry Buttimer TD ‏@jerrybuttimer A link to my dail speech on the Children’s Referendum, important to vote yes on Saturday…   View video 5 NovColm Tobin ‏@colmtobin Anyone else staying up late tomorrow night for the children’sreferendum? Expand 5 NovNewstalk 106-108 fm ‏@Newstalkfm The Children’s Referendum is on 10 Nov. A strong turnout meanschildren matter in Ireland. Remember to vote in the Children’s Ref.#crref Expand 5 NovNewstalk 106-108 fm ‏@Newstalkfm Do you feel informed enough on the children’s referendum?  Expand 5 NovFianna Fáil ‏@fiannafailparty ‘EastEnders effect’ could change vote in children’s referendum via@independent_ie  via @sharethis Expand 4 ‏@ChildRightsIRL Fantastic video by @PaveePoint on why we should vote YES on Saturday 10 November in the Children’s Referendum:  #crref  View media 4 NovMorning Ireland ‏@morning_ireland Only one more day to get your Children’s Referendum questions in so we can put them to the Judge … #crref Expand 4 NovTim Nelligan ‏@tnteacherTim RT @thejournal_ie: Leo Varadkar hits out (again) at the No side of theChildren’s Rights Referendum  #crref  View summary 4 NovStephen Jio ‏@stephenjatdell Such passion by the Irish for the US Presidential election; wish there was the same for the Children’s Referendum #crref Expand 4 NovDonncha O’Connell ‏@donnchanuig Children’s Referendum: Varadkar hits out at the No side (via@thejournal_ie  #crref #chref12  View summary 4 ‏@thejournal_ie Leo Varadkar hits out (again) at the No side of the Children’s RightsReferendum  #crref  View summary 4 ‏@ChildRightsIRL Blog by our Vice-Chair Margaret Burns on why she’ll be voting YES in the Children’s Referendum on Sat 10 Nov #crref Expand 4 NovKen Curtin ‏@kencurtin #crref Children’s Referendum Daily is out!  ▸ Top stories today via @ChildRightsIRL @Bellitum @ash__face Expand 4 NovSpunOut ‏@SpunOut Under 18s – Have your say: Would you vote YES or NO in the upcoming Children’s Rights Referendum? VOTE NOW & RT: … Expand 4 NovDavid O’Keeffe ‏@davidokeeffe She’s off again… ‘Former MEP Dana calls for No vote in upcomingChildren’s Referendum‘ [Independent]  Expand 4 NovAndrew Brennan ‏@AndrewSB49 Just commented on @thejournal_ie: Prospect of future Saturday voting determined by Children’s Referendum turno –   View summary 4 NovDavid Cochrane ‏@davidcochrane (and the Children’s Referendum, but quelle surprise, wha?) Expand 4 Novjackie colleton ‏@jackcolleton Wicklow Councillor says Children’s Referendum is nothing more then a cost cutting measure – Newstalk.ie … via @Newstalkfm Expand 4 NovJillian van Turnhout ‏@JillianvT Check out this two minute clip of why I think you should vote Yes next Saturday in Children’s Referendum   #crref @yfg  View media 4 Novthisweekrte ‏@thisweekrte Also today @colmomongain discusses the Children’s Referendumwith Justice Minister Alan Shatter and journalist John Waters#thisweekrte Expand 4 NovIan O’Flynn ‏@ioflynn While considering what way to vote in the so-called “Children’sReferendum” which will give the state more power…  Expand 3 NovJillian van Turnhout ‏@JillianvT #crref @Colmogorman Prospect of future Saturday voting determined by Children’s Referendum turnout via @thejournal_ie   View summary 3 NovColm O’Gorman ‏@Colmogorman Prospect of future Saturday voting determined by Children’sReferendum turnout (via @thejournal_ie   View summary 3 NovShane Kelly ‏@shanedonegal Dana says vote no in the children’s referendum – proof that voting YES is the right thing to do #crref #voteyes Expand  Reply   Retweet   Favorite 3 Novlcreaburn ‏@lorrainereaburn Vote no in upcoming children’s referendum! … Expand 3 NovDonal O’Keeffe ‏@Donal_OKeeffe Vote NO in the Children’s Referendum, says Dana Rosemary Scallon, former MEP for the constituency of 1936. #crref Expand 3 NovCian O’Mahony ‏@CianOMahony Why does the children’s referendum ad spend more time explaining what a referendum is, rather than what the childrens one is about? Expand 3 NovFine Gael Official ‏@FineGaelToday Referendum is about protecting children – An Taoiseach Enda Kenny …

Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin

Photo: Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin, Donnybrook, Dublin October 2012.

Children should be seen and heard. Exactly. They are mini-adults and should not be talked down to by adults, or ignored, as they have been since time immemorial. I wish the referendum on children taking place on Saturday 10/11/12 all the best. As a survivor of Goldenbridge, I’m so proud that laws like this are finally happening in our country. The rights of children was a huge concern for survivors of industrial schools and child clerical abuse. Survivors fought long and hard to see a day like this one.

Yes for Children, a national campaign led by Barnardos, the Children’s Rights Alliance, the ISPCC and Campaign for Children, is urging a ‘yes’ vote in the Irish children’s referendum vote on Saturday 10 November 2012.

The vote would amend the Constitution of Ireland by repealing Article 42.5 and inserting a new Article 42A.

The section…

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