Baby birds at Portobello

I took this footage in Sept, 2012 on a very cold and windy day at Portobello grand canal. I had to use the Leica lens to get a close up. I couldn’t see what I was videoing, so am rather pleased that I got what you see here. I’d taken a stroll down Portobello to see if I could encounter my favourite swans. There were none to be had, but en-route I came across a mama bird and her young, hidden in the rushes. I don’t know the name of the bird. Mama was black, with a red and yellow beak with a touch of white in the tail of feathers. She was much smaller than a pigeon. Perhaps, if some viewer who knew the species, they may be able to please let me know. It would be appreciated. I’m useless at names of flowers and birds. I thought the bird was in a very vulnerable spot, as a passerby told me that water-rats run rampant in the vicinity, and young birds are very prone to attack.


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