Andrew Brennan

This comment by  on the Journal about #crref posters is food for thought… 

A poster tackling the actual reality of childcare in Ireland would be too unwieldy: The State loved its children so much it gave 170,000 of them to the Church to mind. Unfortunately the children were physically and sexually tortured by the Church, and because the State was so in thrall to the Church that it allowed all the torture to continue. On the upside it was mostly children from poor backgrounds that suffered so the media never made a big issue of the odd death of a child here and there – one institution even managed to lose 60 children through death in it’s first year of existence. Needles to say we expanded that Institution and it’s is estimated it ‘lost’ 2,400 children over the 40 years of its existence. Then the State had a great idea and it handed over childcare to the Dept. of Health now the HSE and, would you believe it, children got mislaid. Hundreds of them. To be sure we lost some through death as well mostly children from poor backgrounds. The media made the odd fuss now and again, which was a bit of a sea change, but the HSE managed to keep themselves from getting wet. But things are different now – HONEST! Now we’re going to give other people’s children to other people and things will be grand at last. Trust Us. We Know Stuff About Caring For Children.

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