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I was talking old Goldenbridge institutional hat to myself in twitter-sphere, so brought conversation with myself over here, so as to continue on creating more punishment. The convoluted tweets are in no particular order. One must be in keeping with the fact that it is a convoluted stream of consciousness we’re dealing with here. I’m sure the high falutin’ self-professed geniuses out there would consider it ‘deranged’ language. Let’s be momentarily philosophical and just simply call it gobbledygook.

Give me a spoilt brat any day to a more insidious sadistic rival, who sucks the blood out of people to get on top of them. The brat is bold.

Asking people to like you never works. They either like you, or they don’t – period. I know that selfish spoiled brats were the bane of inmates lives.

If a GB child inmate was not liked by staff, it was inevitable that other inmates took it upon themselves to also steer clear. Survival rule.

“To those whom much is given much is expected.”[Luke 12:48] There are those who don’t draw people 2 give ’em attention. Charmless beings

Mustn’t let distractions get in way of studying. Will have to get down to studying Sylvia Plath’s poem about bee-box tomorrow. Great poet.

GB La La’s got best posh visitors, best attention, best of everything. They still wanted more time & more CARE. Staff PILED ON THE ATTENTION

Child inmates in Goldenbridge who licked up 2 untrained staff & nuns were disliked intensely by other inmates. They were referred 2 as LaLa’s.

Talking to myself is nothing new. It’s a way of life. I don’t possess the charm, wit or intelligence, or whatever it is that causes people to become popular and have people flocking to them, or creating gods out of them. I tried belonging to a group, but didn’t have sufficient education or psychosocial skills that would see me being accepted by the group. People got bored. It’s not uncommon for survivors of industrial schools to be constantly shunned by people. However, we do give reason for people to do so, when we sense that they are avoiding us, as we get too many triggers that reawaken old tormented wounds. To be continued..

Update on conversation with myself at twitter. 6/11/12

When you find people continually hero-worshipping, or perpetually trying to outdo others, the penny soon drops. Q&A = compensating for WHAT?

There were those who were sexually abused as children who frequented survivors of industrial *school* centres. The latter understood their mindsets.

I know empathy is given to survivors of industrial schools, because of traumatic lives. They in turn give leeway to other traumatised beings.

Survivors can instantly recognise NEEDY people in others. Esp. those appearing to lack in cognisance skills, re: emotionally damaged selves.

 A lot of survivors of industrial schools have lived with rejection since childhood, and can mostly weather rejection storms far better than pampered beings.

The more the barriers are blocked against some survivors of industrial schools, the more impetus they can find to keep pushing them back.

If you keep getting jelly all over you when picking it up, you’ll become a jelly laughing stock. Don’t say you’ve not been warned jelly folk

A rhyme Goldenbridsge inmates sang to a ball game, went: jelly on the plate, jelly on the plate; pick it up; pick it up, jelly on the plate.
Jelly on the floor, jelly on the floor pick it up; pick it up jelly on the floor. Jelly on your face, jelly on your face; lick it off; lick it off; jelly on your face. Jelly, all forlorn, jelly all forlorn, pick me up; pick me up; don’t wanna to be alone.

 I wonder if I too mended my ways, would I be treated to high tea in the parlour? Or, will it be just left-over pickings for the likes of me?

Baffles me to see those who’ve been bashing/sniping for years, being rewarded by getting high tea in the parlour, because they appear to have mended the error of their ways?

Just living up to my ‘deranged comments’ image? 


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