San Francisco – Scott McKenzie R.I.P.

I  listened to a great song I adored as a teenager. “If your going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” Sung by the late Scott McKenzie.   Nostalgic feelings overcame me, for an era in life that brought about a counter culture movement. A time when some young people would have wished they were born because it brought peace, love and harmony. I was in St. Joseph’s holiday home Rathdrum when this song came out first. I think I may have heard it on the duke-box in a tiny chipper up the way from the summer home. As sometimes we sneaked out the side gate to get the left-over chip cracklings that were given to us in newspaper wrappings. I think the proprietor felt sorry for the poor *orphans* who didn’t know what money was at all. Think Ballykissangel, and you can visualise the environment. In fact the church we went to on Sundays was the one used in the telly series. Our lives in Rathdrum were far more normal than in Goldenbridge. I know children would have thrived far better there.

This a a lovely pure version of the song that was composed by the Phillips [Mama’s and the Papas] who wrote and co-produced “San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)” for McKenzie. What a powerful tuneful voice. So sad to hear of his passing in August 2012.

Scott McKenzie, who sang the 1960s hit San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair), has died aged 73. The singer was a close friend of Mamas and Papas star John Phillips, who wrote and produced the San Francisco track. Released in May 1967, it became a global hit and an anthem for the 1960s counterculture movement. “I am amazed at how San Francisco continues even now to evoke dreams in the hearts and minds of people all over the world,” McKenzie wrote in 2002.”

Continue reading the main story at BBC News. 20/08/12

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Just love retro colours here, and the one up above. I derive great joy in also looking at vintage clothes / furniture from the sixties/seventies/eighties in the flea-markets. I find myself pondering on the patterns for ages. It’s hard to explain – well, I suppose, if one was to find out the brain side of things, it would make sense.

Some of my favourite designs are polka dots, Paisley and abstract designs and shapes. Take for example the trendy shirt Scott McKenzie is wearing in photo. Blimey, that is, if you can lower your eyes from the handsome features. I was in a shop the other day looking at a gingham tea-cloth, for the same reason above, and was on the verge of buying it just because it reminded me of Switzerland. I find that clothing designs, and certain perfume sends one back to past times, I know it does me, so it must do with everyone. It obviously goes back to the pong and the nature of the beast. Think survival! I liked apple blossom, then in my kind of hippy era I liked, patchouli and Afghan embroidered coats, embroidered bell-bottom jeans, and light denim embroidered jackets. Joy sticks, the whole shebang. Not to talk of reggae music. As I got older I was into Estée Lauder. My enniscorthy friend, Joan used to give me her half-empty Youth Dew. It doesn’t half stain the clothing, though, so that would be a negative to this otherwise heavy perfume, if you’re into strong pungent aromas. It doesn’t come cheap at approx. 70 euro a bottle. I now settle for Inis Perfumes & Colognes Inis means fragrance as Gaeilge. I don’t think there is any ill-treatment with animals. I was talking recently to a gentleman who had a jacket that reminded me of a coat I think I had when I was very young. I know that the coat was taken from me in Goldenbridge and piled up in the locker room that was between St. Teresa’s and the rec. [wreck]. I actually said to the person that his coat transported me back to my childhood. I’m running off on a tangent here. So will get back to San-Francisco. San Francisco is a must to see, as with Mendocino. Maybe, I should get practice at learning to drive on the opposite side of the road before my trip to all the wonderful places in America.


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