Malala’s beautiful Portrait

“Beautiful portrait of #Malala by my very talented darling @ShaanTaseer

Sometimes it’s incredibly hard to express in words the pain some people have to go through in life. The very existence of the Malala painting epitomises the revelation of her courage. I also think about the other horrendously suffering girls who were caught in the Taliban fire-line. I hope they too make a full recovery. Malala has become the education conscience of the world. A heart-beat that will go on ticking and spreading energy to the education-less arteries of the world. When one finds an alien world out there that steps over the uneducated classes – yet, by the same token – reaps the benefits of those already paying heavily to be of educated, well, one can reciprocate their ridiculous privileged callousness by mentally blocking them out and look to the bigger metaphorical portrait of Malala to give one hope. Malala rules, not only the girls’ of today and tomorrow, but also those girls’ of the long distant past, whose lives were destroyed because of deprivation of education, and who resultantly were discriminated heavily against by the privileged educated classes who saw/see them as inferior beings. The educated classes use education as a whip to psychologically beat down the underclasses. Never the twain shall meet. Malala will hopefully change mindsets into the future.

H/t:  View photo


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