Life in the factory

Photo taken in Oct 2012

I saw the last of some pink roses in a garden, a few doors away from Nora’s wee abode at Donnybrook footbridge, where I took some rose photos a while back. There were none to had at the latter’s house. I deliberately took this one with rose going to the right, as I had in mind to place a verse like the one you see here. I know the pink rose may look out of line with the verse, so I concentrated on the last sentence only, of life not been a bed of roses if you were not liked. Cronies helped those whom they had a gra for and if you were not liked you paid dearly. Indeed… it’s the story of my life?!

Life can be a bed of roses for those who are genuinely liked by people. Because — if you are truly liked by people you get to be a part of their lives in so many positive ways. People who like you look forward to celebrating the joy of being in your company. They look forward to you visiting them and vice-versa. Reciprocity rules. If you’re not really liked by people the tell-tale signs will eventually show, as they will say things, such as – I like my privacy, or that I’m a loner or that I keep to myself, while not appearing to show that side of themselves to the world. When you are genuinely liked by people there is no need to buy friendship. When I was in Goldenbridge, it paid to be liked, as you got the best dresses, the best food, the best attention, the best ladies, people to go out with, the best education. Life can be a bed of roses for those who are liked, because they are not isolated, or shunned, because the people who are liked have all sorts of people flocking to their doors, their blogs etc. They get invited to so many places, and life can be a roller coaster, as they get to share in so many invitations to dinner etc. They have people telling them that whenever they’re anyway near them that they are most welcome to share afternoon tea or visit them at their houses. Life is a bed of roses if you are liked, it paid dearly to be liked in Goldenbridge, just as it pays dearly to be liked now, because if you are not liked you will pay dearly.

Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin

Photo: Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin Dodder footbridge garden house, Donnybrook, Dublin Oct 2012

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