I did a very short video of a Baby magpie outside my window on the 19th Oct., 2012. I did it because I never expected to get a good snap of one, as birds usually fly off so fast with one slight movement or sound. It happens all the time, as I endeavour to lift the camera that I leave beside the laptop just in case I might be lucky. The only birds that hang around for long enough are the pigeons and the crows. It’s so interesting observing the various birds at such close quarters, despite them not being in any way exotic. They’re such hyper-alert creatures.

Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin

Baby bird outside my balcony – Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin Oct 2012

I was very surprised to get such a good photo of the baby bird, which I think might be a magpie. The magpies always have a nest in a nearby tree. There are hordes of them to be seen every single day in the immediate surroundings, which they’ve laid down as their territory. The grass was cut today in the communal garden, and this meant that there would be more of them to be seen on the ground – than per usual – digging up for worms, as the soil was freshly unearthed. Otherwise they’re happy to be perched up high in the trees. They gather in one specific spot every evening. I saw some young foxes in the garden, where the magpies were today. The latter come out at night-time when the birds are at rest. They’d want to…

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