Update: added to this journal here.

I’m experimenting with a new photo gallery etc. See: above, which has been reposted from there. It’s the theme Twenty-Twelve, an updated version of this one – Twenty-Eleven. I was amazed to read that the latter theme is the most popular WordPress theme of all. I note also that the two themes are very iPad/IPod/Smartphone friendly. See: here I could extend the life of this journal, photo-wise, but if I was to go for the premium version, I think it could clog up it too much. That’s not to say that reposting same from new gallery is not already doing so. This journal was specifically set up for adult literacy / leaving cert education. It somehow morphed into a kind of nature, outdoors photo gallery. Readers have told me that they enjoy the photo’s, which is a compliment, considering I’m a total amateur with an unprofessional camera. I’ve a voracious appetite for posting photo’s, so I could do it to my heart’s content at the new gallery. I don’t know, though, if snaps at Twenty-Twelve are a tad too large, and in one’s face? I’ll have to be very selective when uploading, as there’s nothing worse than viewing large-sized unfocussed photo’s.

Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin


Autumn rose Sth. Circular Rd., Dublin 2012 – by Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin

This is my first photo here. It was taken outside a house on the Sth. Circular Rd, nearby where I recently attended an appointment with Origins,. The latter is an organisation set up by Barnardo’s, at the request of the Irish government, to oversee a family tracing service for those who were detained in industrial schools. I would recommend all those who were institutualised in the past to think seriously about contacting this very important service available to them, if they have problems pertaining to their roots; as they do powerful work on behalf of survivors. I personally know some survivors who never in their wildest dreams ever expected anything to emerge from getting their roots checked out by the very empathetic staff at Origins. Indeed, they were absolutely astounded to later discover that they had very…

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