Education: Weapon of mass de/in/struction?

I was reminded of an incident upon seeing this photo this morning at twitter. It had to do with a momentous time in 2009 when I was heading off to the commission to inquire into institutional child abuse. A taxi-man had asked me very politely what the implement I was holding in my hand was in aid of at all. He was rather perturbed, he said, as he saw me clasping tightly on to a pair of pliers throughout the journey to Clonskeagh. I told him it was a weapon of mass destruction, (the phrase at the time was constantly used in the media in relation to Iraq) that instead of being educated at Goldenbridge, I was making rosary beads with the implement I was holding, and I was thus determined to show it to the judge on the CICA panel. Malala rules with her weapon of mass instruction.


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