Baby magpie outside my window

I took the very short video from inside the French windows, as the wee bird on the branches would have instantly flown away had I stepped out on to the balcony. See: 0:28-0:47. I think it could be a baby magpie, I’m almost certain it could be, as there is a permanent nesting ground belonging to them in a tree up yonder. I could be wrong, though, but the long tail and white, (I think) breast, seem to be a tell-tale sign that it’s a magpie. I’m so used to seeing the teenage and adult ones, but never a baby one. It’s only a week ago since the tree was full of brown leaves, and a week prior to that, they were green. Now the branches are almost bare. Not a pleasant sight at all. I miss the tree with the leaves dearly, as they acted as curtains for me. A protection against upraised prying neighbours’ eyes. Now my privacy has almost gone, and I can see a row of houses where there were only trees before for the whole summer long. I noticed some speckled tiny birds flying about outside as well. They only arrived on the scene lately. There was also some birds with small fantails last week on the scene. I also took a photo of the wee bird up in the video, but the media section won’t let me upload it. I’m raging that I won’t be freely able to take photos without neighbours and passersby gawking up at me in future. A person with a camera always seems to draw people’s attention. Nothing goes amiss in this area of Donnybrook. I should be thankful on another level as the nosiness brings with it its own inbuilt security system. I wish at times like this though, that I lived back in the country. I loved the natural feeling of roaming the fields, especially in autumn, when everything changes colour. Sure who knows that could be an option to consider in the near future. I can’t see myself staying here. I’m always on the move. However, I shall lap up the bit of nature that is available to me in the interim, such as watching out for baby birds, etc.


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